Unveiling AI Authorship: Exploring Tools for Detecting ChatGPT-Generated Review Articles

There are some apps/sites that claim to detect if a review article or any other text was written by ChatGPT or other AI tools. However, these apps are not very reliable and may produce false positives or false negatives. Some of the apps that you can try are:

- GPTZero: This app is developed by a Princeton computer science student, Edward Tian. It uses a machine learning model to compare the text with a large corpus of human-written text and determine if it is AI-written or not. This tool works fairly well as of 2-2024:


- Turnitin: This app is widely used by teachers and students to check for plagiarism. It recently added a feature that detects AI-generated text and provides a score and a breakdown of the text. No free version as of 2-2024.