Generate Questions About Your Research Presentation with ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

To get ChatGPT to ask questions about your presentation, you can:

1. Download the PPT presentation at a .txt file.

2. Prompt it to generate questions based on that information.

Here's an example: "Ask questions about this: [text of the presentation]". We used to generate questions for the allergy/immunology fellow who was invited to present our research during the 2024 AAAAI meeting.

Here is the published research abstract:

Here are the generated questions:

1. What is the purpose of evaluating the reliability of allergic rhinitis information presented by an artificial intelligence bot compared to clinical guidelines?

2. What are the methods used to assess the quality and reliability of medical information provided by ChatGPT regarding allergic rhinitis?

3. How did ChatGPT perform in terms of accuracy when compared to the current AAAAI/ACAAI allergic rhinitis guidelines?

4. Can you explain the significance of the DISCERN instrument and how it was utilized in this study?

5. What were the findings regarding the agreement between ChatGPT's answers and the clinical guidelines?

6. What percentage of the sources provided by ChatGPT were found to be accurate, fabricated, miscited, or dead webpage links?

7. Can you provide examples of inaccuracies found in ChatGPT's sources, such as miscited, fabricated, or broken webpage links?

8. Based on the study results, what are the conclusions drawn regarding the reliability of ChatGPT as a source of allergic rhinitis information?

9. How does the study recommend using ChatGPT in the context of medical information retrieval?

10. What future research directions are suggested to further evaluate the usefulness of ChatGPT across other areas of Allergy and Immunology?